We’re on a mission to stop bland fake meats and long lists of ingredients. Because we believe that change is something that needs to be inspired – not forced.

That’s why developed Luya – an incredibly tasty, 100% natural organic meat alternative that redefines juiciness and delights even the most hardcore meat lovers.


Not merely an imitation, Luya is a genuine alternative – the next generation of plant-based foods. With every juicy bite, with every “oh, wow!” at the dinner table, we’re making the world a better place. Good for humans. Good for animals. Good for the planet!

Just the facts

Say goodbye to food waste and hello to okara!

Okara is another word for soy pulp. Did you know that every year, around 2,000 tons of okara are produced in Switzerland as the by-product of tofu and soy milk production? Most of it is then turned into livestock feed or used to make biogas. Now, we have created a process – based on traditional fermentation methods – to turn okara into incredibly delicious, juicy and nutritious all-rounders that are rich in fiber and easily absorbable iron and offer a complete protein profile with all nine essential amino acids.

Sustainability now!

Everyone talks about sustainability. We’re taking action! Because Luya is more than just a juicy meat alternative with small carbon footprint. By using organic chickpeas and okara from soybeans that were grown in Switzerland and Italy instead of importing soybeans from overseas, we are also able to reduce our carbon emissions compared to other meat alternatives. Plus, by using okara, we’re also reducing food waste. A win-win for the planet!

Animal welfare = respect

Animals deserve respect and love. That is why, with Luya, we want to help put an end to factory farming and the slaughter of animals. We believe in a future in which humans and animals live together in harmony and mutual respect.

Become a CO2 saver now

The CO2 calculator

1.567.118 kg

…CO2 have already been saved by Luya. Because with every portion of Luya you save 98% CO2 compared to the same amount of meat. Maximum taste with minimum impact – that’s Luya.

Who we are

A foodie, a food scientist and a chef walk into a bar – and that’s how Luya was born! At Luya, we are all dedicated to a common mission: to inspire people of all ages to rethink their relationship to meat with delicious plant-based products and recipes. Apply now to become part of the better eating revolution!

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Our team

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