Hello Chef!

You are an ambitious restaurateur and want to offer
your guests an honest, sustainable and tasty pleasure?

Then Luya is the right choice for you.
100% organic, 100% natural, 100% plant based,
Made in Bern, naturally fermented
and over 97% less CO2 pollution.

Luya not only offers you and your guests great
fine enjoyment, but also a good conscience.

Convince yourself of the uncomplicated preparation
of your creations with Luya and order yours today
Test sample with us.

Order your test package now



“Ever since I decided to eat less animal products 3 years ago, I really enjoy eating Luya. The taste and the juiciness are just awesome. And I also protect animal welfare and the environment.”

Somnuk Trichit


Head chief LILY'S

“With Luya, as a cook, I have many opportunities to prepare creative dishes with different preparation methods. Luya is not only healthy, but also really tasty, super juicy and with a firm bite.”

Made in Bern.

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