• organic
  • no additives
  • high protein & fibre
  • made in Bern

Luya Simply Natural

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400 g / CHF 14.90 inkl. MWST.
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400 g
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Luya Simply Natural

Plant Based and made for you to season and marinate yourself!


Luya Simply Natural is the flexible, sustainable and 100% vegetable ingredient for your favourite dishes. Thanks to their unique texture, Luya Simply Natural can always be delicately prepared and have a high absorption capacity for sauces!


Luya Simply Natural are the perfect meat substitute for those looking for a healthy and sustainable alternative to meat. Their succulent texture makes them perfect for marinating and seasoning. As a meat substitute, a seitan alternative or as a vegan ingredient, Luya Simply Natural are a delicious and healthy choice for anyone who wants to live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle!


Whether you want to make a quick meal or pre-cook the next family dinner: Luya’s pure plant-based organic products are a treat for everyone at the table.


The best vegan Züri Geschnetzelte!


Züri Geschnetzeltes aber in Vegan mit Luya Nature Chunks aus nachhaltigem Okara

The perfect meatless Züricher Geschnetzelte in 30 minutes.


What do you cook with Luya’s sustainable meat substitutes?


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SOYokra 46%*, chickpeas 34%*, water, lemon juice concentrate*, mushroom culture, salt, corn starch*.

*From organic farming.


Organic product made from fermented soybean okra and chickpeas (pasteurized).



Contains soy.



400gr Luya Simply Natural.
This is enough for 3-4 hungry Luya Lovers.


Storage Shipping


We deliver the goods to you frozen. Upon receipt, the goods must be refrigerated immediately. If the product has been thawed, we recommend that you do not freeze it again.

You should keep Luya refrigerated at max. 5° C. Once opened, please consume within 5 days. The shelf life of unopened products is indicated on the packaging.


We only ship Monday to Thursday with Swiss A-Post, Friday to Sunday there is no shipping. In this way we can guarantee that your parcel will arrive within 48 hours and at a maximum temperature of 5° Celsius. It will keep for at least 12 days in the fridge.


Organic license

Knospe licensee/ manufacturer
Luya Foods AG, 3018 Bern
Organic certification: CH-BIO-006
Produced in Switzerland

Luya Bio-Chunks erhalten die 3 Star Auszeichnung von Eaternity

Average nutritional values
per 100 g
359 kJ / 94 kcal
2,4 g
of which saturated
0,5 g
5,9 g
of which sugars
0,5 g
8,7 g
7,6 g
0,5 g
Made in Bern.

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